No Toothpaste Can Make Up for Missed Dental Cleanings

3 Potential Causes Of A White Patch On The Soft Tissue Of Your Mouth

Optimal oral health consists of proper maintenance of both the hard teeth and bone on your mouth as well as the soft tissues of the tongue, gums, lips, and inner cheek area. Have you recently noticed a discolored white patch on your soft tissue? Make an appointment with your dentist for a proper evaluation and diagnosis, but here are a few of the potential causes. Cheek Patch: Linea Alba Read More 

Four Foods To Avoid In The First Few Weeks And Months Of Wearing Dentures

Getting a good pair of dentures is essential if you want to protect your mouth and maintain a somewhat normal diet into old age. But annoyingly, having to apply more adhesive and refit a new pair of dentures that fell out isn't uncommon while you and your body are first getting used to your dentures. If you're careful to avoid these four foods in the first few weeks and months of wearing dentures, you're significantly less likely to have excessive problems. Read More 

Types And Placement Of Implant-supported Dentures

Supported dentures are permanent tooth replacement appliances that offer far more stability than traditional dentures, mainly because they are supported by an implant anchored deep inside the jaw. The implants not only offer better anchorage for more confident chewing and speaking, but they also stimulate the bone, preventing bone loss that usually follows after tooth loss. The supported implants also resemble and function like natural teeth, allowing you to regain your smile and natural oral function. Read More 

Are You Stressed? Here’s Why You Should Let Your Dentist Know

Whether you realize it or not, happenings in your life that cause stress can lead to dental problems. Recurring dental problems may require your dentist to get the root (no pun intended) of your stress to help you achieve better oral health. Dentists who ask patients, "What's new with you, or what's going on in your life?" may be of better service to their patients: Effects of Stress on Your Mouth Read More 

4 Reasons Not to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Many people want a whiter smile, and doing it yourself is more convenient than taking time off work to see your dentist. However, doing your own tooth whitening has its downsides. Here are four problems that you might encounter as a result of your do-it-yourself tooth whitening regime. Tooth Sensitivity The chemicals in tooth whitening products can cause increased sensitivity in many people. Studies have shown that 54% of people who whiten their teeth at home suffer from at least mild sensitivity, while 10% have moderate sensitivity, and 4% have severe sensitivity. Read More