Partial Mouth Dentures: What You Need To Know

When you were a kid, the allure of the tooth fairy meant that every tooth loss was something you really looked forward to. Once you hit adulthood, losing teeth becomes something else entirely. Sometimes people have accidents that cause them to lose teeth, and sometimes it's necessary to remove teeth due to extreme decay. No matter what the reason that the teeth are missing, they need to be replaced for proper mouth functioning. You have two options for replacing missing teeth with dentures: Full dentures and partial dentures. Partial mouth dentures are a great option if you still have a number of other structurally sound teeth left in your mouth.

When Partial Mouth Dentures Are Needed

Partial mouth dentures are usually best suited for people who are missing a couple of teeth. The missing teeth are often together, but in some situations partial dentures are made for people who are missing teeth in different spots throughout their mouth.

The main reason that partial dentures are so important for people who are missing a couple of teeth is the shifting that takes place when gaps are left unfilled in the mouth. As the teeth start to shift, several different problems may result, including:

  • Damage to the root structure of the teeth that shifted
  • Difficulty in chewing due to unstable teeth
  • Problems talking normally due to improperly positioned teeth

The partial mouth dentures fill in the gaps while using the existing teeth as a support network.

How Partial Mouth Dentures Are Made

Partial mouth dentures are made to order, specifically for the shape of your mouth. Your denturist will make a mold of your mouth, focusing on the areas where the teeth are missing. This mold will then be sent to a denture lab where the dentures will be created following the dimensions of the mold.

Partial mouth dentures are typically made from several different materials. These include:

  • Porcelain for the teeth
  • Pliable plastic tinted pink to replicate gums
  • Metal alloys to hold the dentures in place

How Partial Mouth Dentures Are Worn

Partial mouth dentures are usually worn most of the time and then removed overnight. Sometimes, your denturist will recommend permanent partial dentures instead. These type of dentures actually become a part of your mouth. They are installed via a metal framework that is drilled into your jaw. With permanent partial mouth dentures, the dentures are never removed. However, they may need to be adjusted on a regular basis.

If you are missing teeth and you think that partial mouth dentures sound like something that would work for you, consider making an appointment with your local denturist, like Burke Mountain Denturist. Today's dentures are so natural looking and easy to wear that you may just be amazed!