Proper Oral Care With Braces

A mouth with braces is a haven for bacteria. They just love the nooks and crannies that come with a set of braces. The new spaces between your teeth are the perfect gathering spot for the food and sugar that the bacteria will thrive on. Needless to say, oral hygiene is of the utmost importance to avoid decayed teeth and gum disease. This article will give you an overview on how to care for your teeth with braces.

Brushing and Flossing 

You probably brush your teeth twice a day. With braces, it's important to brush after every meal. This helps get most of the food out of your braces while it's still loose. As the food stays on your braces longer, it will become lodged into your braces and become almost impossible to remove later on. Follow the following guideline when brushing with braces:

Flossing with braces is not easy, but it's very necessary. You'll want to thread the floss under the braces wire in between each tooth. It's tempting to give up on flossing because it's so time consuming, but it's one of the most important things you can do for your teeth. Your orthodontist will probably have flossing tools for you to use that are especially made for braces. 

Mouthwash with Fluoride 

The biggest goal with your dental hygiene and braces is to prevent plaque build-up. Rinse with a plaque-removing or fluoride mouthwash at least once a day for about 30 seconds. This can also help with washing away any loose food particles in your mouth and on your braces.

Retainer Care

Once you have had your braces removed and are on to just a retainer, it's important that you care for your retainer in order to avoid bacteria build-up in your mouth. You should brush your retainer every time you brush your teeth, and soak it in a cleaning solution as well. Avoid hot water, as this can damage your retainer. 

Continue to See Your Dentist

Even though you'll be visiting your orthodontist more often now, it's important to still see your regular dentist twice a year. No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to clean your teeth as well as your dentist can. Also, your dentist, such as someone from KW Dentists-Highland Hills Dental & Northfield Dental, will be able to check your teeth for any issues, and give you some tips and tricks for caring for your teeth through the duration of your braces.